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Adding An Item To Cart

To add products to the cart, you can either scan the bar code or type the product name or bar code in the respective text box, the POS will automatically retrieve the item information and populate them.

To search for a product:

  • Enter the product name (or some letters in the product name) in the Name Field and press Shift + Enter key. A list of products containing those letters will appear in a drop down. Select the required from the list.
  • Enter the description (or some of the letters in the description). You can select the product from the drop down list.

Product Information

On the right-hand side panel we can see the product information like:

  • Product Image,
  • List price of the product
  • and the available stock quantity in the terminal warehouse.

You can adjust the quantities by 'entering the quantity directly' and press Enter key or by using the '+ and – buttons' to increase and decrease or by pressing 'Ctrl+right arrow and Ctrl+left arrow' to increase and decrease respectively.

The sales tax is automatically calculated based on the tax category and tax rate set for the product.

To check your item's availability in other stores, click on the product details section, you will get a pop up box with the details.

Screen Preference

Posibolt allows you to add or remove columns to the table in the cart. This can be done using the screen preference icon. Clicking on the icon will display a list of values that can added to the cart table. Screen preference is a user specific feature, that is you are enabling this feature for a particular user.

  1. Search and select the user name.
  2. Select the preferred preferences to be allowed for the user.
  3. You can also change the name of the value to be displayed on screen. For example: instead of Bar-code you wish to see Product Code.
    • Select the check-box of Barcode.
    • In the text field, type in Product Code.
  4. Click on Save and Close.

When this user logs in, he can see Product Code as header in the cart table.


You can also give out discounts very easily, but provided the role has the right authority. To set the discounts for a role,

  1. Go to Administration → Role
  2. Search for the role, to which you need to set the discount or create a new role.
  3. In that page you can see the options which need to be set to enable discount for a role.

Allowing Discount For Role

Enforce Discount Up to Limit Price : If selected, User is allowed to give discount for the product up to Limit price other wise no.
Enforce Override Limit Price : User can give discount more than the limit price. The user can select only either of the two.
Allowed Discount On Total Sales : This option allows the user to give discount on total sales.
User Discount : You can specify the percentage up to which the role can give discounts.

The discounts can be inclusive or exclusive of taxes. Posibolt POS allows you to give discounts in 'Percentage (%)' or in 'value' on the whole shopping cart or on any of the 'line' item. You can even up sell by giving 'negative discounts'.

  • Percentage

Assume that your customer has negotiated a special discount of 10% on an item, because he or she is paying cash. Just click on 'Quick Discount' icon or press F8 and the Discount pop-up appears. Now, input the percentage. The sale will be recalculated to include the discount. If you wish to give discounts to each product separately or to change a product's 'unit price', 'Incl Amt', 'discount %' or its 'total amt' then press F6 or 'Discount' button. You will see the product list where you can give discounts.

  • By Value

Say that, instead of a 10 % discount, you want to give a discount equal to a fixed sum. That is instead of ₹55, you want your sum to be ₹45; Posibolt gives you the option to reduce the sale amount by simply inputting the discount amount. The sale will be recalculated to include this discount.

  • Negative Discount/Up sell

In case you have to sell a product higher that its actual price in the system, you can give negative discount to increase the price. This negative discount will not be printed on the sales receipt. A role configuration named Allow Negative Discount, must be enabled for the user to give negative discount.

  • On Total

Say you are selling 10 items at ₹5 each which gives you a total of ₹50; you can choose to give discount on this total to make it ₹48. Press on F8 or F6. Enter discount amount or percentage and press Apply. Provided the role has the authority to give 'discounts on total sales'.

Choose Sales Representatives

If an employee needs to move away from a terminal and another employee will take his place, then he can carry out sales by simply choosing his name from the drop down of sales representative in the POS screen.

For this,

  • The user must be saved with 'Sales Representative' checked in the user details screen.
  • Enable the option “Allow Edit Sales Rep” in the Role Configuration.
  • This will display a drop down box in the sales page listing all the sales representatives.

By doing so, he can save his time in logging out the previous user and then logging in as himself. This will allow you to track your employees performance and also enable automatic commission calculation.

Selecting A Customer

Posibolt POS keeps a track of your customers. Just allocate sales to your customer by entering his name or part of his name or contact number in the search customer box and select the right record.

If your customer is a first time buyer, select 'New Customer icon' and create his or her profile. Just enter the information once and POSibolt POS stores and organizes all your customer contacts in one place.

To allow create customer from sales screen,

  • Go to Administration → Roles → Role Configuration → "Allow creating Customer from Sales"
  • Enabling this option will display the "New Customer" button.
  • Fill up the form with the Customer details.
  • To enter the credit details of the customer:
    1. From the role configuration screen, enable the feature "Allow Edit Credit Limit & BP group".
    2. A new text field to enter the Credit Limit of the Customer is displayed.
  • Click on Save.

Just enter the information once and POSibolt POS stores and organizes all your customer contacts in one place.

Besides that you can see a "Customer History" button, this will list out all the products that are bought by the customer.

Date Of Accounting

If by any chance you have missed to add any sales to the system, you can add them by just mentioning the date of accounting. From the Role configuration enable the feature “Allow edit date accounting”.

This will display a date of accounting field in the sales screen. You can enter the past date on when the sale is actually done.

If you check in the sales history page, you can find that the order created date will be current date but the invoice created date will be past date.

This feature will also display two new buttons :

  • Copy Order :

Using Copy Order, the user will be able to copy lines (items, qty, and/or prices) from another orders of the following types - Sales Order, CRO, PO, GRN and there is also an option to copy price from the original order or not. If copy price is not selected, the price will be taken from the price list.

  • Import Order : The user will be able to import the items, quantity and prices to the cart. A pop up box will appear with the import format. Browse the file and click on import.

Delete Cart

To delete a product entered in to the cart, click on 'trash can' button, or press CTRL+Backspace. To clear the cash sale screen or to clear the cart click on Clear All or CTRL+ Del.

Saving And Reloading An Order

You can save an order at anytime and move to the next sales order and load back the order to complete from where you left. To enable the Save button for an order.

  • Go to Administration → Role

Select the role, for which you wish to give the privilege to draft an order.

  • Click on the Set Role Configuration button.
  • Enable the option “Allow draft document".

After adding products to the cart, click on Save. Upon this, the order will get saved and so you can move to next sales order. We can retreive a saved order at anytime and complete it later.

To Invoke An Order

  1. Select the customer and click on the 'Invoke Order' button.
  2. Click on the drop down to view the Order Numbers with their date of creation. Select the Order number and click OK.
  3. The screen will get populate with the order you saved. You can add or remove items from the list. Choose a payment mode and Checkout the sales.

After adding items to cart, you need to choose payment mode and Checkout from POS order screen.

Payment Methods

To complete an order, Posibolt POS offers up to 9 methods of payment. By default these payments are available – Cash, Credit, CO-Pay, Voucher, Loyalty. In any case, Posibolt POS automatically calculates the change due. The customer receipt is printed instantly after the payment process is completed. You can also sell items on Credit provided that your customer has sufficient credit amount and has not exceeded his or her credit period.

Posibolt POS supports Voucher sale, just enter the voucher number to complete the sale.

Other payment modes like – Card, Cheque and EFT can be enabled from the terminal screen. Go to Administration → Terminals.

  • Choose the terminal in which you need to enable the payment modes.
  • Click on Edit.
  • There you will see the Payment type and Bank Account.
  • Choose the bank account from the corresponding drop down box.

That is if you wish to enable card, just select a bank account from the drop down box displayed next to card. This will enable card payment in that Terminal.

This mode is now available in all screens where payments are done.

Check Out An Order

  • Cash will be your default payment mode.
  • You can select another payment mode by clicking on button Modes.png and choose the payment.
  • Click on the 'Check out' button or press Ctrl+space to get the payment pop up box.
Cash payment.png
Cash payment.png
  • Posibolt also supports Mix Payment
    1. Choose the cash mode and enter the amount paid in cash and click on OK.
    2. As the amount tendered is less than the total amount, you will again get the pop up box to select the payments
    3. Choose Card payment. Enter the transaction number and other details.
    4. Below in the payment box you can see that both payments will be entered.
  • After the transaction has been processed, a receipt will be printed as shown in the screen shot below.
  • If a slip printer is attached you will get the slip print as shown in the figure below.
  • The format of the slip print is displayed here. In here, you can see the sales representative details, name of the customer if any and order details.
  • In this page, we can see New Order button. To perform a new sale, click on New Order. This allows you to directly access the sales screen avoiding the hassle to click on home and then click on Cash sales. You can also use the short-keys CTRL + Space.
  • If you wish to take an A4 print of the sales details, just click on the printer icon.
  • If you wish to re-print the slip print, you need set the client configuration.
    1. Go to Administration – Client Configuration
    2. Under Sales, you will find “Enable Re – print option in Sales”.
    3. This will add a Re – Print button in the invoice page.
    4. After the transaction has been processed, a receipt will be printed as shown in the screen shot below.
    5. If a slip printer is attached you will get the slip print as shown in the figure below.

Keyboard Short keys

The following short-keys are available in the sales order screen.

Billing History

Billing history helps you to crosscheck or verify the sales details carried out in your organization, or track a sales transactions.

Select 'Billing History' from Sales menu.

Search By – helps you to search Date Invoiced or Ordered or particular Document No

Filter By – this helps you to search by Today, Yesterday, Current week, Moth or Year etc..

Display All will display all the contents in a single page.

If you click on the Order number link, it will take you to the sales receipt page, of that order.

Clicking on the Invoice Number link, will display the invoice details of that order.

Clicking on the screen preferences button, it will display the list of options to be enabled in this page.

  • The whole list can be saved as a CSV format or PDF just by clicking their respective icons.
  • Reprint option will reprint the sales receipt.
  • Press F1 to get a pop up box displaying the sales totals for the selected date.

There are some features to be enabled from the Role Configuration, which are used in the Sales History page.

  • You can Add Attachments to an order. Click on the Add Attachment link, you will get a pop up box to browse and add files.
  • You can Edit an Order or Void Sales. If you edit an order, this will reverse all the operations: payment, delivery, sales – and a new drafted order will be created so that you can make necessary changes. If you void any sales all the sales, delivery and payments will be reversed.

Screen Preferences– this will add a new icon on the right hand side of the header.

Clicking on this you will get the list of preferences you prefer to see in your reports or pages. The admin can set the preferences for each user. The admin will choose the user and set preferences which he wants the user to see. The user on his screen preferences can set only those preferences which are made available to him.

Basic User Manual

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