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These are the tested versions for Firefox and Java (jdk -8).

Firefox Version Java Version Compactible
47 jdk-8u66 yes
46 jdk-8u77 yes
43 jdk-8u77 yes
41 jdk-8u91 yes
40 jdk-8u74 yes
40 jdk-8u66 yes

Tested Version For Firefox and Java (jdk- 7).

Firefox Version Java Version Compactible
46 jdk-7u99 yes

Tested Version For Firefox and Java (jdk-6).

Firefox Version Java Version Compactible
46 jdk-6u45 yes
  • Download and install any of these firefox version .
  • Please follow the steps in below links to install firefox

  • Download Java version compactible with firefox version from Java Archive Downloads based on your system architecture.
  • For confirming you system architecture, Go to terminal

Enter uname -a; There you can check the system type(32 /64 bit)

  • You can use the below link for downloading Java from Java archive downloads

  • Create an account and register for free. Then only you can download from this site.
  • Select the java version you needed,a list of jdk files for the selected versions will be displayed.
  • Enable the option Accept License Agreement and Download the corresponding jdk tar.gz file for linux based on your system type.
Java Archive.png
Java Archive.png

For Installing java, Go to terminal

  • Move the jdk file from downloads to opt folder .
  • Modify the java policy file from security and save.
  • Run java control panel.

For moving and modify the java policy file from security ,you can use the following steps (Make sure that Use the jdk file name which you downloaded, here jre file name is for example)

1. cd ~/Downloads

2. tar -xvzf jdk**.tar.gz -C ~/ -[For eg:tar -xvzf jdk-7u80-linux-i586.tar.gz -C ~/]

3. cd ~/jdk**/jre/lib/security/ -[For eg:cd ~/jdk1.7.0_80/jre/lib/security/ ]

  • Edit the java policy using gedit , for that;

4. gedit java.policy


Go to Home → Jdk folder → Jre → lib → Security → java policy → Open with gedit → Edit the file → save

  • Modify the java.policy file by making the following changes

grant {         permission;



5. export PATH= ~/jdk **/bin:$PATH - [For eg:export PATH= ~/jdk1.8.0_77/bin:$PATH]

6. jcontrol

  • Now You got the Java contol panel screen
  • Under security enable the option High and click on Edit site list and there you can add the url of your posibolt instance in the format

Instead of domain name you can use ip address in the below format,

Java linux.png
Java linux.png
  • Click on Ok and apply the changes by clicking on Apply.

For Enabling Mozilla Firefox Plugin

  • Create a directory called plugins if you do not have it. Type:

mkdir -p ~/.mozilla/plugins

  • Create a symbolic link. Type:

For 32 bit system:

ln -s ~/jdk **/jre/lib/i386/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/ - [For eg:ln -s ~/jdk1.8.0_77/jre/lib/i386/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/]

For 64 bit system:

ln -s ~/jdk **/jre/lib/amd64/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/ - [For eg:ln -s ~/jdk1.8.0_77/jre/lib/amd64/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/ ]

  • Restart your browser and test Java

Now restart your browser and test java using the below link;

  • Here you want to verify java by click on Verify Java.
Verify java.png
Verify java.png

After verifying, activate java by click on Activate Java.

Activate java.png
Activate java.png
  • Now go to browser menu,click on Add ons
  • Under plugins, For java plugin select always active from dropdown
Java plugin.png
Java plugin.png
  • For allow java permission, click on the icon shown in the left hand side of browser ,select the site and click on More Information.
  • Under permission, enable the option Allow for both java and java-vulnerable plugin.
Permission 3.png
Permission 3.png
  • Make your system's Firefox updation off by using these steps.
    • From the browser menu, click on Preferences or Options.
    • Choose Advanced from the left hand side menu
    • Under Update, enable the option Never check for updates

  • Now you can Login to POSibolt. Go to Administration → Preference page.
    • Enable printing
    • Enable java applet.